Atomic Firebats are fire element creatures found in the Jalapeno Wasteland.

Atomic Firebat

Atomic firebat hoody thing
Two atomic firebats in battle with two hoody things.
Bestiary # 004
HP 250
Alignment Fire
Level 16
Habitat Jalapeno Wasteland / World Seam
Drops Bat Husk
Bestiary Entry Beware the bite of the atomic firebat: it burns hotter than the hottest salsa. Daring chefs try to harvest their glands, with delicious (but often tragic) results.
Bira Rewarded 80


Atomic Firebats are small, winged mammals with red skin, large ears, and a small tail.


Spells Skills
Lava Spuds Toothy Chomp
Celestial Swap