Arancia Scorenote is the third addition for the players party in Magical Vacation.

Arancia Scorenote

Species Human
Gender Female
Element Sound
Sign Scorpio
Age 15
Birthday October 28
Blood Type 0
Height 150cm
Weight 40kg


Arancia is a talented musician who can play a number of musical instruments, including the piano, harp, strings, percussion and winds. Her natural talent comes from her musically oriented family, and she can master instruments almost instantly. Though, her music often lacks emotion, and causes the listener to fall asleep. She is infatuated by Kirche Pintail and dislikes his affection towards Candy Mintblue.


Name MP Effect
Call Humming 1 1 Sound Seirei is called
Spirit Requiem 3 Power 3 Damage + Sleep to 1 enemy
Spirit Nocturne 15 Power 5 Damage + Sleep to 1 enemy
Clear Flint 1 All Stone seirei are cleared
Spirit March 40 Raises spirit of 1 friend
Double Huming 50 2 Sound Seirei are called
Spirit Orchestra 80 Power 5 Damage + Sleep to all enemies

Base StatsEdit

  • Level: 2
  • HP: 26
  • MP: 31
  • Power: 7
  • Defense: 9
  • Spirit: 10
  • Speed: 9


  • Arancia's name likely refers to the Italian word for oranges.
  • Her favorite food is herb tea
  • Her special power is finding gold or silver coins in chests with monsters
  • she can be seen in Magical vacation: Knight of the Universe