Ant Queen

Ant queen
The ant queen and a magician ant. Note that the ant magician is coloured sightly differently than all other ant magicians.
Bestiary # 183
Alignment Earth
Level 5
Habitat Queen's Chambers
Drops None
Bestiary Entry This ant queen lives underground on Erd. She's selfish and violent on a good day. Catch her on a bad day and she'll sick her entire army on you without a thought.
Bira Rewarded 150

The Ant Queen is one of the first bosses in the game.

In Magical StarsignEdit

The Ant Queen is an enemy of King Gorganzola and his people, the party is sent out to defeat her after they are mistakenly thought to be the Heroes of Light, heroes prophecized to save the Spiny Moles from the Ant Queen's scourge.

The Ant Queen, as seen on the map.


The ant queen appears in battle, flanked by an Soldier Ant and a Magician Ant (Note that the Magician Ant that appears in the battle is coloured a lighter blue than other Magician Ants appearing in the game. This is not reflected in the Bestiary)


Spells Skills
Ant Acid
Royal Feast
Lackey Call


Immediately noticable is the long, enlarged, likely egg-filled abomen of the Ant Queen. The Ant Queen has four of her legs making contact with the ground, as apposed to Ant Nobles, Magician Ants, and Soldier ants, which seem to walk on two legs. It also has much larger horns/antennae than the other ants, larger forelimbs, and has wings.


The oversized abdomen is actually characteristic of a termite queen.