Absolute Zero

Alignment Water
MP Consumed 35
Status Effect 20% Cold
Stat Effect
Back Row Random 4
Flavour Text Freeze the air, giving your enemies a cold.

Absolute Zero is the level 3 water-aligned spell.


Front RowEdit

The water starsign apears as the user is about to lauch the spell, then a large chunk of ice bursts basicly out of no where. The chunk of ice hits the opponent and turns them into an icical for a second, then it departs. The opponent takes damage after this.

Back RowEdit

Known byEdit

# User Alignment
-- Sorbet (level 26) Water
222 Kale Light/Dark
224 Shadra Light/Dark
228 Umbra Light/Dark
251 Insect Mage Light

Name OriginEdit

Absolute Zero comes from the physical term of Absolute Zero, in which a solid is at the temperature of 0 Kelvins(−273.15° Celsius), such that it's particles are not moving.