Official Art of Abalon Demar

Abalon Demar

Gfs 75573 2 263 thm
Demar using his charm attack
Bestiary # 203
Alignment Water
Level 32
Habitat Holy Water Pyramid
Drops Shampoo Cap
Bestiary Entry This Bena Rikashi police commissioner possesses an almost inexplicable charm. One glance with those bright eyes of his, and you can't help but fall for him.
Bira Rewarded 10000

Abalon Demar is a high-ranking Space Police Officer. Abalon is the apparent "brother" of Gil Mudflap, both being bosses you must beat to earn a millenium gummy.

In Magical StarsignEdit

Abalon Demar is seen at first ordering the release of Magnus Muzzleflash, much to his "brother's" surprise. He is then seen and later battled in the Holy Water Pyramid where the party and him battle for the Water Millennium Gummy . He is then seen on Gren while it is burning and upon demand, states that he did not set the fire and that it was there upon his arrival.


Abalon Demar takes advantage of status inflictions in order to gain the upper hand in battle. His arsenal contains skills that have the ability to render the characters charmed no matter the gender, which has no immediate cure.


Spells Skills
Forested Field Sweet Nothings
Iced Fromage Hello, Goodbye
Celestial Swap


Abalon is a very aloof person who is fairly conceited. He takes overall pride in his looks and odors. He is seen scorning Gil Mudflap for his stench and even insults him in the Holy Water Pyramid. His attacks also reflect his personality. It also demonstrates who he is when you win a Shower Cap from him at the end of the battle.


Abalon Demar is said to be a very charming man who charms both men and women (space creatures included). He is shown standing inside of an open scallop, wearing large baggy blue paints and an orange frilly tutu-like garment. He has an overly large pearl necklace and curled green hair. He has odd horns coming out of his head, most likely to be coral based upon his character and pale gray skin. He seems to be wearing makeup.